MicroForte, Bigworld, Wargaming Sydney. We may have had different names over the years, but our commitment to innovation has been constant from the start. From award-winning games to Guinness World Record breaking tech and jaw dropping AR experiences, we’ve been at the forefront of gaming innovation from the very beginning.



Wargaming Sydney is the Australian arm of Wargaming, creators of the hugely successful World of Tanks, World of Warships and many more titles across console, PC and mobile. Our office is located in sunny Sydney (the name is a bit of a giveaway) in NSW, however we have a distributed team with staff all over Australia as well as New Zealand. As part of the Wargaming group we create next-generation game development tools and servers, develop world leading games, prototype new game features, add-ons, console ports and secret projects as we work to the next big game in the Wargaming suite.

Our award-winning Bigworld Technology, developed under our previous name of Bigworld, has been the engine powering the PC version of World of Tanks from its inception and was the catalyst for us becoming part of the Wargaming family in 2012. Prior to this Bigworld Technology was powering 30+ MMO’s and online games and with World of Tanks held the Guinness world Record for Most Players Online Simultaneously on One MMO Server (190,541 in case you were wondering).

Our team is made of a diverse group from different nationalities and backgrounds and draws from experienced AAA developers who worked on your favourite titles (L.A. Noire anyone?) to pioneering indie devs from the Australian scene and beyond. The one thing that binds them all is a love for gaming and passion for helping to grow the Australian game dev scene.

Leadership Team

Steve Wang
(General Manager/Studio Head)


Steve is a veteran of the Australian games development industry, helping to steer it through his previous endeavours, Microforte and Bigworld Pty Ltd, the latter of which was acquired by Wargaming to become Wargaming Sydney.

Steve is passionate about the developing talent within the Australian scene with a special focus in the areas of online technology and MMO games.

Simon Hayes
(CTO/Head of Services)


Simon is a co-founder of Bigworld Pty Ltd, and an industry veteran with a long history in the Australian games industry.

He is the technical director behind the multi-award winning Bigworld Technology and was instrumental in bringing the product to market. He also has over 6 published game titles to his name.

Lana Kersanava
(HR Director/Head of HR)


Lana is a skilled and strategic hands-on HR professional, and firmly believes in creating a positive work atmosphere where team members feel free to be their authentic selves.

With Wargaming Sydney she works to ensure that many of the downsides frequently associated with the gaming industry are not present at WG Syd.

Naresh Hirani
(Head of Development)


Naresh (or Naz to his friends) is an accomplished development manager with over two decades of video games industry experience. Having worked for industry pioneers Psygnosis, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Team Bondi in roles such as Lead Programmer and Creative Director, he has a unique perspective in managing multi-discipline teams to deliver creatively ambitious, and technically complex software projects.

Kavitha Bhaskaran
(Financial Controller/Head of Finance)


Kavitha is a consummate finance professional with over 20 years experience ensuring the smooth financial operation of the companies she is responsible for. Kavitha joined Wargaming Sydney in 2012 and is an integral part of the company and Leadership Team.