Remember that perfect shot you got off in the final moments of a match that won the game for your team? Or how about that time you just got into cover on your last sliver of health when the enemy team were almost on top of you? Those moments are brought to you by artists, coders, designers and network engineers all working together to help craft that perfect moment you talk about for years.



The ability to quickly create, test and iterate on gameplay features is paramount for game development, and in the always-on realm even more so. This is where prototyping comes in, from whole levels to specific features, the prototyping team is where ideas become reality.



Game Designers and artists are an integral component when it comes to creating games. They are creatives who love getting stuck in, conceiving prototypes and refining and balancing gameplay, creating 2D or 3D visual elements and getting to the essence of why a game mechanic is fun and memorable.

They work with all teams to problem-solve within real-time environments, and are masters of agile execution, and considered communication.

Software engineering


The engine behind game development, Software Engineers make our games possible and constantly work to improve them. The do everything including diving into all aspects of game technology and gameplay development, ranging from supporting lower level engine support to high level gameplay frameworks, player input mechanics to AI systems. They do it all!

Quality assurance



The unsung heroes of game development, the quality team ensure that when you fire up one of our games it works as advertised, they are at the heart of our development cycle and work with every department to help us make the best games possible.

Product Management


On time and on budget is the Product Manager motto. Our product managers are the glue that binds our teams together, they work with our internal teams as well as teams within the wider Wargaming studio ecosystem to ensure the smooth delivery of the products they’re responsible for.



Giving our teams the tools they need to make their ideas a reality is essential, sometimes those tools exist, and sometimes you have to make them. Our award-winning Bigworld Technology is a prime example of the quality that can come out of the talented teams in our studio, and that spirit of innovation still services our studio and Wargaming global today.