Social Responsibility

As a part of the Sydney, and Australian, Game Dev Scene we have a responsibility to be good citizens in our communities and industry. Driving this is our social responsibility to give back to our community and take a stand on issues that are important to them and us.



We believe that companies such as ours can have a positive impact with our teams, and communities we serve. To do this, we have studio wide initiatives which we support, along with team driven communities to help shine a spotlight on issues our teams are passionate about.

A place for everyone

We believe that we’re stronger when each team member can be their authentic selves and bring their unique voice to our studio.

Discrimination in any form is not welcome at Wargaming Sydney. We strive to ensure that our studio is a place that promotes diversity and inclusion, and we celebrate the strengths that diversity gives us.

Taking care of where we live

There is no plan(et) B. The planet we live upon is the only one we have, and it needs us to take responsibility, and care of it. As a studio we have looked at ways to reduce and eliminate our carbon footprint.

We’ve done this through looking at every aspect of the day to day running of our studio, switching to green energy, offsetting CO2 emissions from travel, promoting the use of public transport, encouraging recycling in the studio and removing single use containers. There’s more work to be done, and we’re committed to doing it.



Our studio is made up of a diverse group of people who are passionate about a number of issues, to help facilitate discussion on these issues and formulate action plans and ways we can improve the studio and support these issues a number of team-led communities have been formed.

As a studio we encourage and support each of these communities and encourage our teams to use the platform we have to create a meaningful impact. Below are just some of the communities that are active in our studio today.

Leadership COP

The Leadership Community of Practice is a weekly forum where leadership topics are discussed, in order to promote and support good leadership practices. The group’s purpose is to help put leadership lessons we’ve learned into practice, and to build leadership skills across the studio.

Diversity & Inclusion

The Diversity & Inclusion Working Group looks at all D&I initiatives in our studio and focuses on areas such as LGBTQIA+, mental health awareness and First Nations to name a few. Our aim is to make Wargaming Sydney a place where people can be their authentic selves


Our Environmental Working Group looks at ways we can make our office greener and find initiatives we can support. From power saving and finding responsible power providers, to recycling and reducing waste in the office.

Engineering Roundtable

Open to everyone regardless of technical level, the Engineering Roundtable is a place for people to share tips, tricks, processes and discuss challenges with the WG Sydney engineering hive mind.

This is also where our engineers can share talks and further elaborate on any subjects they may have presented at studio talks.

Game Development Community Lunch

Grab your lunch and let’s talk about games! If there’s one thing we love doing here at WG Sydney it’s making games, as well as it being our day job a lot of us have our own passion projects and regularly take part in game jams. This community is where we come together to talk about our projects, get advice from others and brainstorm ideas.

Sydney Game Developers Meetup

As one of the largest AAA studios in Australia we are lucky to have some of the best developers, engineers, artists and designers in the country. This Meetup is run as a way for us to give back to the Dev community by sharing the expertise our teams have and giving other devs a platform to share their expertise and meet like-minded people (usually with free pizza).