Ask anyone what their favourite thing is about working at WG Syd, and you’ll hear the same thing every time, the Tea/Coffee selection. Coming in a close second though, is the people!
Who are we kidding, the people come first (sorry Tea/Coffee selection).

Our Culture

We are at our best when all voices are empowered.

We invest in our teams to help them grow, learn and develop, through providing positive examples from the top down, through mentoring and through open and honest communication and feedback.

Each member of our team is a leader in ensuring our studio is an inclusive workplace and a place where they and their colleagues feel they belong.

To help foster those communication channels we hold regular Town Halls where everyone has a voice and can ask questions on any subject in a frank and open manner.


We spend a large amount of our time in our workplace, so we’ve done all that we can to make sure that ours is a home away from home. From a fully stocked kitchen with a wide assortment of healthy breakfasts, to our games area with all the latest consoles and our muso corner when you can strum on a 6-string or bass. And if that isn’t your scene we also have a massage chair and pool table!

As well as providing a relaxing space to enjoy lunch, our kitchen is also regularly used to provide lunchtime studio talks on all aspects of game development, and then there’s our monthly meetup (open to the public) where internal and external game devs come to share their expertise.

We’ve made sure our studio is a welcoming and comfortable space, and we’re sure you’d agree.

Wargaming Sydney is by far the best workplace I’ve experienced. My work is challenging, and expectations are clearly set by my management team. I’m completely supported to pursue the career path I want both with practical opportunities, training during work hours, formal and informal mentorship from industry experts. I feel I can be completely honest and myself at work with my whole team. My work also allows me to have time to live a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Ally McLean

Expert Product Manager