When you apply for a role with Wargaming Sydney we want to make sure that you’re able to put your best foot forward. We also want to make sure the process is as transparent as possible, so you know what to expect, this guide to our hiring process will give you all you need to know before you even send your application.

How we’re hiring
during covid

Wargaming Sydney is currently observing all COVID safety regulations with social distancing, limiting travel to the studio through work from home and ensuring surfaces are regularly disinfected. We’ve also changed how we interview to ensure the process in safe for all involved.

Virtual interviews

Who doesn’t love a good Zoom / Skype call? As much as we want you to see the inside of our studio (it’s a really cool space) we also want to make sure that we reduce your need to engage in public transport and exposure to crowded spaces. As such, when possible, we’re using virtual interviews in our process.

Work from home option

While the studio is open for those who prefer to come in, we have made the option of working from home available for most roles. As the vaccine roll out continues we’ll be evaluating the best way to move forward along with individual team members preferences of fully remote, hybrid modes or working in the studio.

Our Hiring Process

Stage 1 – The Application

You’ve found one of our job listings on here, or Seek or maybe even on Twitter (you really should follow us) and you’ve decided to put an application in, great!

The first stage you’re going to go through is the online application. You’ll need to attach your resume/CV and your cover letter. With your resume try to tailor it towards the role you’re applying for and highlight any skills that were mentioned in the job listing.

With your cover letter, this is your opportunity to tell us a bit more about you and what other skills not in your resume that might make you stand out. What are your career goals and aspirations? And what was it about Wargaming Sydney that attracted you?

Stage 2 – Initial Screening

Congrats, your application has made it through to the next stage, and you’re getting a call from our Talent Acquisition team.

Our TA will be getting in touch for a quick initial chat to ask a few more questions, get to know you a bit better and clarify any details on your resume or cover letter that we need more details on. This might also be the time when we organise your first interview.

Your TA will also be your main point of contact for the remainder of the interview process.

Stage 3 – Interview & Assessments

Depending on the role you’re interviewing for this stage can differ, however for most roles there will be an interview with the Hiring Manager, an interview with the team and if relevant a technical skills assessment.

Remember, the interview stage is also an opportunity for you to interview us. This is your opportunity to get to know as much about the studio as you can and make sure that we’re the right fit for you. It’s a two-way street.

Depending on the results of the above there could be one more interview with the Hiring Manager, and we may start checking references before moving onto the next stage of the process.

Stage 4 – Offers

The final step in the interviewing process. You’ll receive a call from your TA to let you know if you’ve been successful or not in the interviewing process.

If you’ve been unsuccessful we’ll try to let you know why and what you can do to improve your chances for next time and sometimes recommend an alternative role that you might be suited for.

If you’re successful, congratulations! This is when we’ll put through an offer or employment, and you’ll work with your TA to get everything put through and lock in a start date.