Benefits & life/work balance

Our benefits package comes in two flavours  – Basic and Customised. They’re the perks on top of all the other great reasons to joining the WG Sydney crew.

Our benefits package

Our customised benefits package (or Poke Bowl as we like to call it) gives you a choice between 5 different main benefits, when you can the supplement with a secondary benefit. This gives you the flexibility to create a package that suits you and your life. And if circumstances change you can also change your package every 6 months to match.


Support your health and well-being with a yearly budget to spent on your favourite sport activities or/and key sport equipment.

Insure me
(and my Family)

Safeguard your health and your family’s health by contributing into your medical insurance.

Get me to work

Get reimbursed to leave the car at home and use public transport to get to work.

Personal Growth

Enjoy learning new things outside your job. e.g. painting, pottery. Or get professional advice from a financial guru or a life coach that helps your personal development.


Waiting for a baby or adopting a baby? Take 6 weeks paid leave on full pay or 12 weeks on half pay (or a combination) and enjoy your parenthood.

Clean my House

Free up your time by hiring a cleaning services company.

Entertain me

Enjoy movies, performances, shows, art exhibitions, video games and board games.

Everyday benefits


As well as our customised package we have a whole host of perks that come with being a full time Wargaming Sydney employee.

Daily Breakfast

A full range of healthy (and maybe not so healthy) breakfast options are available including yoghurts, cheese, fresh juice, milk & cereals, bread & spreads, oats & muesli.

Flu Vaccinations

(Optional) get a free onsite flu jab once a year.

Weekly lunches

Enjoy lunch every week in the studio with your colleagues. Or if working from home organise a lunchtime catch up with your Suburb Buddies, and we’ll foot the bill.

Flexible Hours

You can vary the time you start and finish work and the length of your lunch break to shorten your day. A morning person? Start at 8am. A night owl? Finish at 7.

Flexible working

Like to work just from the studio? Ok. Prefer to have a hybrid mode where you do some days at home and some in the office? Ok. Prefer to work just from home with the occasional trip to the office to catch up? We can make it work.

Volunteer day

Want to spend some time supporting your favourite charity? With an extra fully paid day per year you can. Can be taken as a full day or 2 x 1/2 days.

Car Salary Sacrifice

Thinking of getting a new car? We can help you with that with a Salary Sacrifice option.

Wargaming Account

As a Wargaming Sydney employee, you can get a special Developer status (with daily gold) for playing the WG trilogy games. You can also apply for the Developer status on a World of Tanks Console account if you play there.

Featured Roles

Mid/Senior Software Engineer (R&D / Machine Learning)

You’ll bring your experience as an experienced software engineer to a team focused on a machine learning research project within the video game space. You’ll be combining your professional experience and an intrinsic desire for problem-solving, with your passion of video games in order to explore a new frontier within the realm of video games. 

Technical Product Manager

Wargaming Sydney is looking for a talented person to join our Product Team as a Technical Product Manager, working on cutting edge software products for the Wargaming portfolio of games (World of Tanks, World of Warships & upcoming AAA games). As the Product Manager you will provide the vision, develop the strategy and drive the delivery of your products; you will identify new opportunities for the studio, ensure stellar communication with our partners, and tackle challenges as they arise.

Mid/Senior Software Engineer (C++, Game Technology)

Wargaming Sydney is seeking a Senior C++ Engineer to join our studio. We are looking for someone with experience and passion, who is willing and able to dive into all aspects of game technology and gameplay development, ranging from supporting lower level engine support to high level gameplay frameworks.